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"Gathered in the upstairs living room were members of another class. Kurt Fortmeyer, a six-year Third Sunday vet, had the room entranced with a Dave Gibson co-write titled 'The Box.' On one past Sunday afternoon, the red-bearded Fortmeyer hit a lick of good fortune when he played a tune in the presence of guitar guru Dave Isaacs, who recorded the song on his next CD."  


Rand Bishop


"Makin' Stuff Up: Mr. Bojangles"


American Songwriter Magazine May 2012





"Yet it was the night’s bookends that perhaps best characterized the spirit of the gathering, a pair of hard-working but lesser-known singer-songwriters named Anthony Neff and Kurt Fortmeyer. Neff, the organizer and emcee of the event, did a nice job with 'Nothin’' and 'Buckskin Stallion Blues' after speaking eloquently about the legacy of Van Zandt’s songs and how they continue to inspire other songwriters to carry on the craft. And Fortmeyer capped the night with a spirited 'Two Hands' that had those left in the club clapping and singing along. The inspired had become the inspirer."



Rick Cornell

No Depression  Jan-Feb 2001


"’s just a blessing to find a slice of peaceful down-home picking where the stories feel like friends and the characters like family sitting around a table spinning yarns. That’s country music the way it’s supposed to be done.  Tap your toes, hum along, get a little lift, and learn something in the process..."


Dave Pilot

OUTLAW Magazine July 2014

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