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"When I hear songwriters like Kurt Fortmeyer, it makes me wonder if the Music City record executives ever leave their offices. How can so many great wordsmiths, like Fortmeyer, be overlooked, while mediocre songs are shoved down our throats. If you are tired of the steady diet of bland gruel that is being served up from the Nashville music cafeteria, do yourself a favor and get Kurt Fortmeyer's 'One More Night In Nashville' today.'"

Porkchop's Catch Of The Week

WLHR-FM 92.1 Lavonia, Georgia (Nov 18, 2014)

"There’s some great music coming from the traditional Country & Ameripolitan ranks these days. That’s good news for real Country DJ's and listeners. Kurt Fortmeyer is right in the mix."

Luthur Jackson, host of Thursday Afternoon Hayride

WOBO 88.7 FM  Batavia, Ohio

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